Confession Thursday – cat out of the bag

Time for Confession! Me first…
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1. often when I type my name I type “Monican”

Okay, a lot of times.

2. Sizzler is my favorite restaurant. This goes back and forth between whole Foods and Sizzler. You know I’m incredibly high-low when it pertains to food and fashion <- I feel like I’ve already told you this, but I really want Sizzler this week. 3. I spelled my best friend’s last name wrong at some point on a safety question and now I can’t change my password!! (That’s pretty bad.) 4. I made my Apple Oat Bars today and subbed out apple sauce for the nut butter, and subbed protein powder for the brown sugar, and chopped instead of grated the Camiseta AC Milan apples. Oh, and I added 1/2 cup of almond milk (because Camiseta Rangers FC protein powder can really dry stuff out in baking).

Okay. Is that still even the same recipe??!?!

My confession is: I ate 3.

Okay maybe 4. With almond butter.

5. I did this to my cat.

6. and my worst offense… I got cord back. I couldn’t help it!!! I was miserable. TV is my only fren.

How I am justifying this:

I re-worked created a budget to make sure it was a good choice.

I work from home and have 0 human interaction a lot of of the time so I really need Giada to eat lunch with me.

I missed Pumpkin from HoneyBooBoo.

The cord installer person said they put some kind of block thing to stop people from stealing cord and that’s why it’s hard to get channels with the antenna.

Question : now you go!



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